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Photography as Art

Buying Photography Online – What You Should Look For?

Photography is an art. Like any art, it can captivate the eyes of it’s audience. Some may see the photo at a different perspective than the rest. One thing is for sure, a photo is definitely worth looking at especially if it captures a lot of emotions, mystery, or amusement.

With the dawn of modern technology, people can even purchase anything online including photographs. You do not need to go out there, find a decent photo that catches your heart. All it takes is to know the ropes when it comes to buying photography online.

For photo enthusiasts who want to have a wide collection of captivating images, here are some tips when it comes to buying photos over the Internet:

1. Options

You got two options when you go and decide to go out buying photography online. You can hire a professional photographer. Yes, this is the beauty of the net. With just a click of a mouse you can get in touch with a professional who will take photos as per your request.

However, if this is not your liking you can always go for option two. You can simply buy photographs online. You need to pay a certain amount in order to have the right to use the photo. Yes, you will be granted with the license to use personally or commercially. This all depends on the seller of the photos.

2. Know what you are paying for

As a customer, you should at all cost know what you are paying for. In regards to a photographer, you should be clear as to what the fee is inclusive of. If you want to add more to the package, ask how much would it cost you.

As for buying photography online, you should check out if you are given the license to use the photo commercially or if it is inclusive for personal use.

You need to be very particular about this. Why? Being informed as to what you are paying for will go a long way. It saves you from all the hassle of having to face legal suits for copyright infringement.

3. Trusted provider

Liike any other thing, you must deal with a trusted professional photographer or seller of online photography. In this way, you are guaranteed that you are getting value for what you have paid for. Also, you are assured of the quality of the photo and the service being rendered.

It does pay off having a list of top 3 providers and then from there pick which one to go. Choosing would be much easy plus you will be dealing with the best in the industry. If you are considering the idea of buying photography online then follow through the tips mentioned above. You are good to go!

At the end of the day, the photos you purchase should be what you are looking and you as a customer gets value for every penny you have paid for.

3 photography events I attend every year

Photography is both a hobby and a talent. In order to ensure that I remain updated on some of the new inventions and developments in the industry I always ensure that I attend various seminars and conferences. When attending these events I usually have two main aims in mind.

The first aim is to learn while the second is to have a chance to interact with fellow photographers. The best part about photography is that you will always have a chance to learn something new with every experience.

During these events I get the chance to view some of the pictures other photographers have been able to capture and take this as a challenge. Each of these events are hosted by different companies and individuals and address various issues. Some of the main events that I attend every year include;



This is actually one of the biggest events in the photography industry. The best part about it is that several renowned people attend the event and host seminars. During this event, the attendees get a chance to look at some of the new technologies as well as take part in photo-shoots that are usually referred to as Fotoshoots.

Center for fine art photography


They schedule events every year that offer different activities. Photo exhibitions are usually the main activity. Apart from these yearly events, they have volunteer programs that aim at building and sensitizing people about photographer.



This is one of the largest photo conferences and exhibitions. Most photographers usually prefer attending this conference compared to most of the other expos and conferences available. This is what makes it exciting. There are usually over 100 seminars that one can be able to learn from.

These are just some of the main events that I make a point of attending yearly. Most of the other events are not as big and popular compared to these.

5 of the best photographers of all time

In order to be a successful photographer it is essential to ensure that you get to know and if possible follow the footsteps of some of the famous photographers of all time. Photography is an art and once done perfectly each and every person will acknowledge your work. In the world today taking a picture is really simple the only difference being the level of passion. Most of these individuals had a passion for photography. This is what allowed them to be rated among the best photographers of all time. Some of them include;

Ansel Adams

blogpost2image1This is one of the most popular names in the photography industry. His work is highly recognized due to the perfect level of contrast and creativity. One can be able to learn easily from him by taking a look at some of his quotes and pictures.

To show the level of passion that Ansel had for photography, he wished he had the physical strength to continue with his work as he grew older. You can be able to learn more about Ansel at

Robert Capa

blogpost2image2Robert was mainly known due to his war photographs. The main difference between Robert and some of the other photographers at that time was that he actually got in the war field.

Other photographers took the pictures from a distance. This was one of the main reasons behind his success in the industry.

Dorothea Lange

blogpost2image3She came to fame during the great depression.

She was able to take a picture of a migrant mother which became one of the best pictures of all time.

She later went on and was able to take a picture of Japanese internment camps.

Jay Maiselblogpost2image4

Being one of the modern photographers in the world today, his pictures are simple and clear. This is what makes him stand out from the rest.

Brian Duffy

blogpost2image5The most fascinating fact about Brian is that he had quit photography and went the extent of burning all the negatives. A year before his death he had gone back into taking pictures. You can be able to learn more about Duffy by visiting

7 interesting facts you didn’t know about photography

The most interesting part about photography is being able to capture rare moments. The aim of taking the picture is to allow the view to understand the same feeling and understanding as you when you took the pictures. You have already heard of the phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Taking a picture is not as simple as it seems. It involves knowing when, where, why and how to take that picture. This is what creates the difference between photographers. In order to fully understand the thrill of photography it is important to take a look at some of the interesting facts on photography. Some of the main facts include,

1.     Which is your best side

When taking a picture, we all want the larger proportion to include our best side. It is said that we tend to express more emotion on the left side compared to the right. This makes the left side the best side.

2.     The most expensive camera

Up to date the most expensive camera was sold for 2.8 U.S dollars in an auction based in Vienna. The type of camera was a 1923 Leica camera.

3.     Largest camera collection

The largest number of antique cameras collected stands at 4,425. Dilish Parekh who is from Mumbai started collecting the cameras back in 1977.

4.     Kids in photography

In order to get kids interested in the art of photography, Kodak placed cameras in toys and called them Kolorkins.

5.     Testing the shutter speed

The camera shutter speed can easily be tested using a T.V or Monitor.

6.     Beginner luck

It is said that the first 10000 pictures that a person takes, either at a professional level or not, are still not perfect.

7.     Largest picture

The largest picture on earth is made up of several small other images. One can read more on this by visiting